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Best in the world Elderflower Liqueur

At the Elder Bros Farm north of Cranbrook British Columbia in the picturesque Purcell Valley, we harvest and infuse our Elderflower by hand to bring you a well balanced and floral liqueur that is one of Canada’s highest internationally awarded spirits. Elderflower Liqueur is one of the most versatile products in the world, and can be used to enhance or even fix many drinks. Next time you make your favorite holiday drink, splash a little Elderflower in and see what happens.


Farm to Table
100% Canadian Made

The bounty of British Columbia and Alberta, experience the finest products Canada’s Mountains and Prairies have to offer. Hard work from our farm and friends in every drop of your Elder Bros bottle. 

Cherish and share proudly, it’s crafted for you!

Handcrafted Heaven


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Elder Flower
Elder Flower

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We proudly serve the customers of Alberta, British Columbia and those around the world looking for the finest products this world has to offer.